UNIMOG U400 v1.0.0.4 LS19

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UNIMOG U400 v1.0.0.4 LS19

UNIMOG U400 v1.0.0.4 LS19

Configurable little helper. Hard to beat on narrow paths. Ideal for small, narrow cards, with set-off frames, so it does not always have to be configured back and forth Script: Ifko AR: Alfredix !!! thank you !!!

Added water tank
Salt spreader attachment added for the snow set (Seasonsmod)
(if the season mod is not loaded, a warning about salt can be ignored)
Dird and wear
SEK802_AR now with color selection for the tarpaulin
Adapted driving behavior (tip and parameters of powerpack from the Modcompany Forum)
Braking effect somewhat reduced (more real)
Hoses are now coupled with

Here now the U400 as a basic model in Ver.1
Color change
Tire change
Body change
FL on / down
Saddle and countless couplings


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