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FS17 Same Fortis 140-240 More Realistic V 1.2

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FS17 Same Fortis 140-240 More Realistic V 1.2

FS17 Same Fortis 140-240 More Realistic V 1.2

The basic model is from Giants and was adapted only a little bit because I had some problems with the MoreRealistic on the map.

The weight was increased from 7200Kg to 8400Kg for more grip and stability and the suspension adjusted a bit. He also got a chip tuning, license plate and interior lighted interior with animated turn signals.

Engine configurations:
140 – 144 hp 106kW
160 – 166 hb 123kW
190 – 194 hb 143kW
240 – 242 hb 178kW allcar tuning

maximum forward speed 40km / h
maximum reverse speed 15km / h

wheel configurations:
Normal Front: TM800_540_65R28 Rear: TM800_650_65R38
Wide Front: TM800_600_65R28 Rear: TM1000_710_60R38
Nursing Tires Front: TM100_230_95R44 Rear: TM100_300_95R52

Illuminated interior with animated turn signals
License plate with approval
On-board computer (without function)
New exhaust cover


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