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Fendt 700/800 TMS Pack with TirePressure v4.1 FS19

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Fendt 700/800 TMS Pack with TirePressure v4.1 FS19

Fendt 700/800 TMS Pack with TirePressure v4.1 FS19

I hereby offer you my conversion of the 700/800 Vario from Cayman718.

-Motor configurations:
-Fendt 700: 711,712,714,716 Favorit, 712,714, 716 & 718 Vario
-Fendt 800 Com 2: 815, 817, 818 Vario (not 100% realistic, possibly in future versions.)
-Fendt 800: 818, 820 Vario

-all standard LS19 functions
-animated and illuminated interior
-GPS configurable (Guidance Steering Mod required)
-Doors and windows can be opened with SimpleIC
Rotating beacon and warning signs can be configured and folded from the outside with SimpleIC
-Front fender removable from the outside with SimpleIC
-Ctrl + F can be used to switch between normal light and top headlights
-Motor and headlights can be switched on / off with SimpleIC
-Operation of the hydraulics and PTO from inside and outside possible with SimpleIC (latest SimpleIC version necessary !!!)
-Tire pressure script from Wopster is built in, but it works with every tire configuration because I don’t know how to do it on certain configurations.
-Front loader consoles: Stoll, Fendt 3S (The Fl is WIP from Cayman), Fendt Cargo (incl. Front loader from DtpMario), Aloe, Puma
-Universal Passenger installed by Jannik

Mods required for the full scope:
Universal passenger
In order for the latest version to work, there must be no tow bars on the score!
Aloe front loader
Hauer front loader
Guidance Steering
Claas DLC for TM1060 tires

XX_Malle_XX - Ls17 ModellCayman718 - Konvertierung LS19 sowie Stoll, Fendt3S KonsoleWopster - TirePressure ScriptDtpMario - Fendt Cargo Konsole plus FrontladerGtX - Universal Passenger ScriptPuma - Aloe Konsolekonstii.ls - Hauer KonsoleWhyLineZ - UmbauJanik- Hilfe beim UmbausiLance - SoundGamer8250 - Reifendruckregelanlage

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