Valley Crest Farm 4x v1.4.5.1 FS19

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Valley Crest Farm 4x v1.4.5.1 FS19

Valley Crest Farm 4x v1.4.5.1 FS19

Here’s a corrected version of my previous mod. You can again use the materials for the mines. But you have to buy the land so they spawn after a few moments.

For the problem of pallets, it is no longer necessary to have pallets to make planks. So you can bring the boards to the pallet factory.

The problem of selling soy milk has still not been resolved. You can help me by contacting me to send me the relevant files, or publish a new version in 1.4.6.

I assume that the file concerned is in this folder:\placeables\mapUS\milch

For mod novices, it is necessary to decompress this file in the mod folder.

Map edit by RobinBelge

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